Unicast Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 to develop Internet streaming audio products.
We have been researching and developing various audio technologies to convert analog audio to digital audio and transfer it to the network steadily.
Unicast's digital platform is the open platform, and this platform collects audio data from various devices and broadcasts it to the online network.
Unicast's digital transmission technology is quaternary industrial technology, and this technology easily transmits audio and various sensor data, and even IoT data over the network

We provide a total system that anyone can easily connect to users and enjoy audio data.
Most legacy audio device is disappearing due to the popularity of mobile device. However, Audio technology is progressing day by day. We also research and develop new technologies based on old legacy technology. We focus on how to connect legacy technology and new technologies so that anyone can enjoy music regardless of time.

2019.05 Established Unicast Co., Ltd.
2020.12 Venture company certification
2021.03 ISO9001 certification
2021.04 ISO14001 certification

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Our mission and vision


Our Mission: Developing comfortable audio technology in nature
Our Vision: Becoming a global leader in the field of streaming audio technology

sign Bae Sangeun Founder & CEO


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